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  • Ancient Market: The ancient market is located very close to the ancient harbor and was the cultural and religious centre of ancient Thassos. From the numerous interesting monuments that exist there the most interesting are the Platforms, the Big Altar and Glaukos Grave.
  • Archeological Museum: The archeological museum of Thassos which maintains exhibits originated from 7ο b.c and up to the year of the Ottoman Empire is located near our hotel.
  • Ancient Theatre: The ancient theatre of Thassos, capacity of 200 seats, is used for classical drama shows, during the cultural events of the island. It exists from 5ο century b.c, while on 1ο century was transformed into a gladiator arena.
  • Aliki- Ancient salt-marsh: Aliki settlement offers many archeological and medieval monuments and survived periods of growth during the ancient times.
  • Ancient Mines – Tripiti: The mines of Tripiti are considered the oldest mines on earth and are chronological located around 20,000 b.c. Their chronological estimation was conducted with the method of anthrax c-14. The ancient mines are one of the most attractive sightseeing of the island.
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